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Presentation Skills Training


Leadership Presence Develop an authentic leadership presence that inspires others

  • Strengthen your physical and vocal presence
  • Use your appearance to launch a personal brand
  • Leverage your authenticity to increase people’s belief in you
  • Develop a network you can leverage to increase your impact at work

Presenting with Impact Leverage personal style, message structure, and strategy to make impactful presentations

  • Recognize elements of effective presentations
  • Tailor your message to your audience
  • Determine your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthen the skills you have and also learn new ones

Storylining Craft powerful written communications that impact an audience

  • Analyze audience and objectives before determining approach
  • Utilize a template to organize thoughts
  • Create storyboards by using a variety of structures and strategies

Handling Difficult Situations Maintain a calm and resilient presence that manages difficult personalities and situations

  • Employ techniques for facilitating discussion, answering questions, and steering conversation
  • Navigate challenging interactions with clients and colleagues more confidently

Leadership Communication Training


Influencing Skills Leverage personal and organizational sources of power to lead organizational change

  • Balance analytical and emotional appeals
  • Tailor the approach based upon the audience’s skill and will
  • Employ tools to garner support and steer decisions

Trusted AdvisorDevelop trust through a stronger service-oriented mindset and solid communication skills

  • Focus on client issues by improving listening skills
  • Ask appropriate questions to uncover underlying issues
  • Increase confidence and show peer-like behavior with professionals of all levels

Coaching and Motivation Develop your people leadership skills and bring out the best in those around you

  • Understand how playing the role of a coach deepens your business relationships in every direction
  • Explore ways to structure effective coaching interactions
  • Through roleplays, develop your own unique coaching style

Speech Training

Pronunciation by Design

Pronunciation Proficiency for non-native English speakers Improving speech intelligibility for professionals who are doing business in English as a second language

  • How to improve consonant, vowel, and diphthong precision
  • Clarify common English mispronunciations
  • Review best practices in grammar and word choice

Voice Training


Articulate Interactions Communicate with confidence for important phone conversations

  • Modulate your voice to convey a heightened professional presence
  • Strengthen speech precision and clarity
  • Elevate word choice to convey sincerity, expertise, and experience

Just for Women

Gravitas for Women Shifting women’s mindsets and behaviors to become leaders of tomorrow

  • Increase awareness of strengths
  • Develop stronger presentation skills
  • Envision a long-term career
  • Focus on content vs. process
  • Build confidence
  • Lead from ‘in front’
  • Promote achievements
  • Show stronger thought leadership
  • Build peer relationships with senior leaders